Grease trap below kitchen sink

Grease Traps – why it’s important to clean them regularly

Fat, oil and grease is a challenge to manage in any commercial kitchen so it is good practice to install a grease trap.  It catches the fat, oil and grease (or FOG as it is affectionately called in the industry) coming from dishwashers and sinks.  But like other kitchen appliances, the grease trap needs to be regularly cleaned and serviced to make sure it keeps working well.  So what are the main reasons why it is important to clean your grease trap frequently?

Bad smell

Over a period of time, the FOG in the grease trap starts to decompose and emit a rotten smell.  A bad smell in a grease trap located in the kitchen or in an exterior underground tank is not a good sign for potential customers or for staff who have to work there.

Harder to clean

The longer you leave an oven between cleaning, the harder it is to clean.  This is just the same with a grease trap as the solid waste at the bottom of the grease trap can become rock solid making it very difficult to clean even with powerful jet washing equipment.

Blocked drains

When the grease trap is full, it can no longer intercept food waste and FOG so it ends up in the drains.  Eventually this will lead to blockages in the pipes and possibly backups which are more expensive to repair.


Should FOG be seeping into the sewerage system, this can lead to substantial fines due to the potential of environmental damage. 

Damage to the grease trap

By leaving a tank uncleaned, the trapped waste breaks down releasing hydrogen sulfur gas that turns into sulphuric acid.  This is extremely toxic and can damage the steel walls of the grease trap itself.

So please don’t take the risk and ignore cleaning your grease trap on a regular basis.  In the long run, it will actually save you money. So call D&J Drain Services today on 07925 153826 to book in your next grease trap clean.  Or if your business doesn’t have a grease trap and you think you need one, we can help you with installing a grease trap too.