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> Commercial & Domestic Drain Unblocking

A blocked drain can happen at any time of the day or night but it needs attention as soon as you spot a problem.  That’s why D&J Drain Services operate 24 hours per day and 365 days per year to get your drain problem sorted as fast as possible.  We look after blocked drains in homes and commercial premises in Belfast, Larne, Ballymena, Antrim, Carrickfergus, Lisburn, Holywood and surrounding areas.

How do you know if you have a blocked drain?

A bad smell is an early warning signal of a blocked drain but then you may notice that a toilet is slow to drain or there is sewage lying on top of a manhole.  You may hope that the drain sorts itself out but in all likelihood, it won’t. So it is best to call D&J Drains as soon as you spot any signs of a blocked drain.

Why are my drains blocked?

Just like any aspect of your home or business, drains can be more susceptible to damage or blockages the older they are.  Sometimes it is a build-up of grease and food waste which has been washed down sinks which leads to a build up of dirt.  Another common problem is flushing kitchen roll or baby wipes down the toilet (as in the photos below).  Wipes and kitchen roll can get stuck in the drains and can lead to a nasty blockage.  Tree roots, pipe corrosion or subsidence are other possible causes too.

But whatever the cause, do not fear for our highly trained and experienced engineers have come across many different problems with drains over the last 30 years.  Using their high pressure water jetting equipment, our team will break down hardened fat or grease to get your drain unblocked quickly.  Sometimes we will also suggest that a CCTV survey is carried out too just to understand exactly what is happening in your drains.  An engineer will feed a special camera into your drains to see what the problem is.  In some cases, your house insurance may cover the cost of more serious damage to your drains.

Can I fix a blocked drain myself?

Definitely not!  Unblocking drains is a job for professionals and we highly recommend that you never attempt to unblock your own drains using chemicals.  Pouring chemicals down a pipe is not only harmful to the environment but can also damage your drainage system itself by weakening or corroding pipes.


Drain Unblocking for Commercial Premises

As a business owner, the last thing you want is a blocked drain stopping operations until the problem is fixed.  Perhaps your toilets are overflowing with sewage or water which is making your premises unsafe to work in.

D&J Drain Services are the Northern Ireland experts in unblocking drains for all types of businesses, whether it is a school, office, restaurant, shop, factory or nursing home.  With over 30 years experience in cleaning commercial drains and the specialist equipment needed, our skilled engineers can get your drain problems sorted out fast.  The bottom line is that your drains need to be unblocked quickly and efficiently so that you can get your business up and running again.  The good news is that we are available to help you anytime – 24 hours per day and 365 days per year.

Regular maintenance is very important for commercial premises to ensure that early signs of problems are identified before they become a full scale emergency.  By carrying out a CCTV survey of your drains, we can check to see if there are any early signs of a blockage which could lead to a bigger long-term problem.

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