Grease trap cleaning & Installation

> Grease Trap Cleaning & Installation

Grease traps are metal boxes which play a huge part in reducing fats, oils and grease, FOG, from entering the sewer system. This helps to avoid damage to drainage infrastructure as well as the environment. Understanding the need to take grease prevention seriously will help to preserve our environment and eco-system. It could also help to protect your business from potentialy hefty fines and/or in some cases prison sentencing.

Grease traps require ongoing maintenance and cleaning. If grease traps are neglected they fail to work effectively, efficiently or at all in some cases. Simply having a grease trap installed will not garantee you cannot/wont be fined. If the trap itself is deemed to be ineffective the business will still be liable. This could be due to poor installation or the unit not being cleaned properly or regulary enough. Correct installation as well as cleaning is crucial in maintaining a viable grease trap.

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