Tree roots damage drains

How to deal with tree roots in drains

Did you know that tree roots are one of the biggest cause of blocked drains, pipes and sewer systems in the UK?  The problem starts as fine tree roots looking for water and nutrients gain access to the drain system via the pipe joints and cracks.  These fine roots then grow into larger root systems which can restrict the flow of the pipe as well as increasing the size of the crack in the pipe.  An overflowing manhole or a blocked drain can be the first indicator that roots are growing in your drains.  In worst case scenarios, sewage can even end up backing up into a home.

What is the answer to tree roots in drains?

In minor cases, the tree roots can be cut out and the pipes relined.  This is the least destructive means of repair as no digging is required.  Quite simply, a new pipe lining is fitted to the inside of the drain.  This attaches to the inside of the drain which means the pipework is back to normal working order. 

But when there has been major damage to the pipe joints, unfortunately the only answer is to dig up the pipe work to replace the damaged drain.  This is an expensive process but thankfully some insurance providers will cover this cost through a house insurance policy. 

How can you prevent damage to drains from tree roots?

Firstly, plant trees which don’t have particularly vigorous root systems such as willow, poplar or maple.  Roots can also be pruned and sometimes it may be a good idea to remove the tree or shrub which is causing the problem.

Carry out regular CCTV drain surveys to identify pipes at most risk of tree root ingress.  If a problem is spotted, the roots can be removed by electro-mechanical cutting and the pipes relined.  Frequent water jetting will eliminate a build-up of silt and other nutrients which are attractive to tree roots.

Take special care when buying a new house

When purchasing a house, it is a good idea to carry out a CCTV drain survey to make sure that there are no tree roots in the drains.  The likelihood will increase if there are any trees or shrubs close to the drain pipes.

If you are worried about the possibility of tree roots in your drains, then give D&J Drain Services a call today on 07925 153827 and we can carry out a CCTV drain survey to put your mind at ease.