Home Buyer Drain Survey

What is a Home Buyer Drain Survey?

After months of searching, you’ve finally found your dream home.  But before you sign on the dotted line, it’s time to carry out a Home Buyer Drain Survey to find out if there are any potential risks or faults in the drainage system of your dream home.

Why is a home buyer drain survey so important?

Carrying out a general house survey is a mandatory element of buying a house.  Insurance companies and mortgage providers often insist on it.  But the drainage system can be overlooked even though they can reveal all sorts of problems with drains and pipes including:

  • Cracked or leaky pipes
  • Blocked drains with backed up sewage
  • Tree roots growing into the pipe network
  • Collapses in the underground drainage system

Due to the costs involved with repairing a damaged or completely collapsed drain, many mortgage providers require a home buyer drain survey before they will grant the finance necessary to purchase a home.

How is a pre-purchase drain survey carried out?

A closed-circuit television camera (CCTV) will be inserted into the relevant drain and it will explore the drainage system to show exactly what is happening inside the drains.  Once the investigation is completed, you will be given a written report and a video to show the current status of the drains.

Should a problem be detected in the drains, repair costs can often be covered by an existing homeowner’s insurance policy.  But if a problem is revealed after you move into the house, it is unlikely that the costs would be covered by your house insurance policy. Therefore, the cost of carrying out a pre-purchase drain survey could far outweigh the potential repair bill incurred by not having one performed.

How can I arrange a home buyer drain survey?

So don’t delay and call the D&J Drain Services team today on 07925 153826 to arrange a Pre Purchase Drain Survey before you turn the key of your dream home.  You will of course need to arrange access to the property with the seller.