Spring cleaning drains

Spring cleaning your drains

With British Summer Time starting tomorrow, Spring cleaning is a popular topic in many households today.  But this year, getting our gardens spruced up takes on a greater priority as we look forward to six people from two households being able to meet in a private garden in Northern Ireland from 1st April 2021.  While it is important to cut the grass and plant pretty spring flowers in our flower pots, think about Spring cleaning your drains too.

Drains are certainly out of sight but they shouldn’t be out of mind.  The last thing you want to spoil your long awaited barbecue in your garden is the smell or sight of overflowing drains.  So now is the time to get them checked out with a CCTV survey.

A Spring CCTV Drainage Survey

The tell-tale signs that all may not be well in your drains include bad smells in your home or garden and when things are really bad, there will be sewage seeping out from a manhole.  By conducting a CCTV survey this Spring, early signs of problems in your drains can be detected and then any blockages can be cleared.  For example, tree roots may be growing into your drains and may be starting to cause cracks to appear.  By identifying and dealing with the problem at an early stage, the issue can be fixed more quickly and with less cost.

 Thinking of moving house?

If you are thinking of moving house this Spring, it’s a good idea to carry out a CCTV drainage survey before you sign a contract.  The survey will give an indepth analysis of the current condition of the property’s drainage system as well as identifying any repairs that may be required in the future.  You can then make a more informed decision about buying the house before contracts are signed.

 Give your drains some TLC this Spring

So this Spring, don’t just Spring clean the kitchen cupboards and the cupboard under the stairs, give your drains a little “tender loving care” with a CCTV drainage survey by D&J Drain Services.  To find out more, call James on 07925 153826 today.  It will definitely save you money in the long-run.